Available courses

Literature and Composition
Language and Composition

Spring Semester - Dual Enrollment English IV World Literature

American Literature

Dual Enrollment - English III - Spring - College Writing

Dual enrollment English III - Fall - College Writing

English IV is a survey course of British Literature.  Students will read a number of important works of British Literature, from Anglo-Saxon times to modern day.  The course will include writing assignments, vocabulary work, and tests on lectures and reading.

Language and Composition

This is an advanced course designed for 9th graders who are planning to take AP level English courses later in high school. Students in this class are expected to be independent learners who can assume a faster pace with more rigor in the curriculum.

English I CP is a college prep course emphasizing writing and literary analysis. Students are exposed to various genres and work to nurture higher level thinking and self-expression.

Criminal Law - Mock Trial

Combines Ancient and Modern HY